AA-CAES Technology

Airlight Energy's Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (AA-CAES) system is designed
for medium-large scale utilities and grid operators.

Airlight Energy solution

Employing the proprietary storage technology developed at Airlight Energy to store the heat generated
in the compression stage (up to 2/3 of total energy) and reuse it during the expansion stage.


  • Very low CAPEX/KWh
  • No use of fossil fuels and no need
    for gas burners
  • High efficiency, above 72%
  • Zero CO2 or GHG Emissions
  • Suitable for storage of large amounts
    of energy (up to couple of GWh)
  • Big flexibility: very short ramping times
    (< 5 min)
  • “Black start”: no electricity needed
    for start-up