AIRLIGHT ENERGY: New website goes live


AIRLIGHT ENERGY, innovative company that supplies proprietary solar technologies for large-scale production of electricity and thermal energy, launches the new website. The website uses an open source application that allows for full customization of structure, design and content. “This is a great advantage for a rapidly evolving company like ours” – says Andrea Pedretti, Chief Technical Officer of AIRLIGHT ENERGY. Thanks to the new design the navigation is easier and more user friendly. The website is connected to the major social networks (Linkedin, Twitter e Facebook) becoming more dynamic and interactive. Other than information about the company you can find an updated news section and an archive of the past releases. Do not miss out the “Prefabrication” video showing the construction of the structural concrete elements composing the solar receivers. The video is accessible through the homepage.


  • Improved navigation thanks to new graphic design
  • Better interaction with connection to major social networks
  • Quicker and more efficient update process with in-house web management