Ait-Baha CSP pilot plant

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TechnologyParabolic trough
CityAit Baha
Lat/Long Location30°13′ 1,0″ North, 9°8′ 6,0″ West
Land Area24 hectares
Solar Resource2.200kWh/m2/yr
Electricity Generation2.390 MWh/yr (Estimated)
Generation Data ExplanationComputed if it were a stand alone plant
Contact(s)Airlight Energy
CompanyAirlight Energy
Break GroundFebruary 2012
Start Production2Q 2014
Project TypePilot plant
Developer(s)Airlight Energy
Owner(s) (%)Cimar, Italcementi Group (100%)
Operator(s)Cimar, Italcementi Group
Generation Offtaker(s)Cimar, Italcementi Group
Plant Configuration 
Solar Field 
Solar-Field Aperture Area:6.160 m2
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs)3
# of Loops1
# of SCAs per Loop3
SCA Aperture Area2.053 m2
SCA Length215m
# of Modules per SCA12
SCA ManufacturerAirlight Energy
Mirror Manufacturer (Model)Airlight Energy (Pneumatic mirror)
# of Heat Collector Elements (HCEs)108
HCE Manufacturer:Airlight Energy
Heat-Transfer Fluid TypeAir at ambient pressure
Solar-Field Inlet Temp270 °C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp570 °C
Solar-Field Peak capacity 3,9 MWth peak thermal power
Power Block 
Turbine Capacity 2,0 MW
Turbine ManufacturerTurboden
Output TypeOrganic Rankine
Thermal Storage 
Storage TypeOther
Storage Capacity 5 hours
Thermal Storage DescriptionPacked-bed of rocks

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